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Exciting New Platform for Online Students!

I am so excited to have found a new way to hold meetings with online students! I tested it with my own children over the weekend and with a student today, and it is fantastic! Here's what is going to change!

  • Now we will have just one universal link for our meetings - no more searching through emails for the right link. The same link each time, for every meeting. There will be a "waiting" area, so I will still need to allow the students in (so you won't accidentally be entering another student's meeting. No signing in is required from the student, no downloading any apps.

  • Options for INTERACTION with Chromebook and Ipad. This is actually the MAIN reason for searching for and switching to this platform. With Zoom, students using a Chromebook or iPad (or a phone) do not have the ability to drag/drop or control items on the screen. Now, students will be able to play the games I have created or drag/drop letter tiles on more devices! Rejoice with me!

  • Lots more fun to come! This new virtual classroom (called KoalaGo) is set up for students and teachers and online learning. It has lots of options for rewards and games within the platform, which I will learn and adopt as I see fit. It also DOESN'T include the extra distractions of Zoom like filters (sorry students!) so I can manage the virtual classroom more actively).

  • I will send all the online students a link to their new classroom. I will have Zoom up and ready, just in case there is an issue getting into Koala, but I'm looking forward to these new changes to provide more accessible and interactive lessons to all my online students! For a simple manual click here. (Make sure to select the manual that is in the language you desire!)

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Mila Player
Mila Player
Jan 10, 2023


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