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5 Black Friday Deals for your Student

Who doesn't like saving money! Here are some deals on items that will help your child on their tutoring journey - some are specific to online tutoring students, and other items are helpful resources to add to their practice at home.

  1. Webcams! If your student is using a computer, online tutoring is a lot easier with the use of an external webcam. This allows the student to tilt the camera down toward their whiteboard so the teacher can see their whiteboard while the student can still see the teacher. This webcam is on sale for $31 CAD

  2. Having a device for online tutoring means that even if the student regularly comes in person, they can continue their learning without interruption if they are sick or travelling - as long as they have an internet connection. Grasp Reading uses the KoalaGo platform which means students can join class from an iPad, computer or a Chromebook. As long as they have an updated Chrome browser (or Safari on an iPad). iPads are fun, but that's an expensive entry point. Chromebooks are a relatively affordable option that students will be able to use for a number of important tasks. There are some great Black Friday Deals like this Asus Chromebook for under $250!

  3. Whiteboard markers! We are writing (and erasing) in EVERY tutoring session. Dead whiteboard markers are inevitable, and frustrating. I love these markers that have erasers built in on the caps (and the students love these foam erasers). I've also found these ones last quite well.

  4. Students should have a whiteboard right when they start out, and hopefully you have one that has stood the test of time. If you are still in the market, this whiteboard is a good size and it's double sided.

  5. Adjustable tablet holder. For those students using an ipad, having a sturdy stand that can be adjusted to tilt slightly down toward the whiteboard is important. Tutors need to see the student's hand as it writes to ensure proper letter formation AND to offer immediate error correction. This stand clamps onto a table or shelf. This stand is a floor stand and this stand is a table stand. All could be used for online tutoring.

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