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Spelling Games

I am constantly on the hunt to make spelling practice more fun - to gamify it if possible, and to create options that are easy for students to use at home, preferably with minimal parental intervention. Games can be motivating and give students a little dopamine boost, a small reward for doing something they may otherwise hate doing. So I've found some options that are not perfect, but they are free and easy for a parent or guardian to use at home with their kids. I've created the lists below using the sight words in the Barton Reading and Spelling program (these are separated by level/book and lesson, so Barton 3.1 is Book 3, lesson 1.) The lists are already generated, but you can choose the game these lists are used in by scrolling down a bit. The pronunciation isn't always great, so your child may need you to repeat it clearly, but hopefully this will give you some fun options for practicing spelling. I will add more as I find and create them!

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