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Basic Word Review

Here's a simple activity with a variety of words for a child to practice. This corresponds with the skills a child would have after completing Level 1 of All About Reading. Barton Reading and Spelling uses a different scope and sequence, but a student in Level 5, Lesson 1 should be able to read all of these words. A student in Level 4, Lesson 5 should be able to read most of the words.

As with most reading activities, this is ideally done with supervision and assistance from a competent reader (parent, friend, sibling). This way, the student can receive gentle correction if they read a word incorrectly. To be successful with this activity the student must:

  1. Know all the basic consonant sounds (b-z) along with "sh, th, ch, ck."

  2. Know all the short vowel sounds

  3. Have confidence to read compound words that follow the expected phonics patterns

  4. How to read plural words with "s" and "es" endings.

Happy Reading!

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