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Rhyming CVC Practice

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Here is a simple sorting game your student can play to reinforce the concept of rhyming words and CVC reading practice. Remember, the student should read the words aloud so you can help with any errors (and this helps them to hear the rhyme, too!)

This is a beginner level game, so readers who are just starting to read can play. They will need to know:

  1. Letter sounds for short a, b, h, j, m, n, p, s, t.

  2. How to blend a word: start by saying the first sound, hold that sound when possible until you read the next sound, and hold that until reading the final sound. (mmmmmm-aaaaaaaa-nnnnn). Then, say the whole

  3. word fast.

  4. The concept of rhyming. Many students can catch on to this quickly. Explain to the student that rhyming words end in the same sound. In this game, it will also mean they end in the same letters, but we want to emphasize that the letters don’t always tell us if it rhymes or not (ad and wad or cab and swab don‘t rhyme but sign and pine or light and white do rhyme. Give some examples of rhyming words and encourage the student to add their own ideas.

Your student is ready to play the game!


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